Quirky Heather

Onion Talks is based in the Midlands and is owned by Heather Bradley, who is known as The Onion because her talks and coaching rely on discussing and peeling away the layers to reveal what is beneath. Heather contacted VeroDesign wanting new branding that included a logo, stationery and website branding that reflected her quirky personality.

Onion Vision

The branding designer spent time finding out about Heather and her coaching and talks in order to really understand what Heather was looking for. Heather had a vision in her head and was worried that any design wouldn’t match up to what she wanted. The designer used her personalised questionnaire to gather detailed information and then went away to produce some concepts. 

Fun & Clean

VeroDesign came up with a few ideas that Heather could use across all of her platforms. The onion concept was very strong and Heather wanted to showcase this aspect. The concept that was chosen used a purple onion so that the colour purple could be used across the brand as a traditional brown colour would not have been representative of Heather. The onion was quite realistically drawn and had a slight freeform element but then had a quirky cartoon like aspect as well. For the rest of the branding, we chose a font that was quite unique and fun but also easy to read and clean. 

Heather was both pleased and surprised when she viewed the concepts and found that they, “Were near perfect straightaway.” And really felt that they, “Oozed and dripped with my personality.”

Quirky Style

Heather really loved working with Sagonia, her branding designer, and said, “She is a dream to work with…so much so that I keep thinking of other things for her to do.” Sagonia also had fun working with Heather and loved the quirky style and opportunity to create something very unique. 

What’s Next…

Heather is implementing the designs across her new website and social media and has also used the logo to commission some pin badges. Her next project is an animation, which VeroDesign and Heather are looking forward to creating.

Complete Corporate Identity

We Rethought Everything




Customer Happiness

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result


“In the past I have found it near impossible to find a designer to put my vision into practice and produce a design(s) that I am happy with. 

To be honest when I was looking to revamp my logo etc I did not really have great expectations of anybody coming close to what was inside my head…I was wrong. Sagonia took the time to find out about me and my vision and came up with designs that were near perfect straight away. With a few small tweaks we came out with something that just oozed and dripped with my personality! 

Sagonia is such a dream to work with, so much so that I keep thinking of other things for her to do. She does her work with a smile and speed too. I’m looking forward to her animations in the future!”

Heather Bradley – Onion Talks