1. Design Brief

LC Education & Training Ltd is a company based in the Midlands providing in company training as well as small business services such as proofreading and content writing. They were coming to the end of their second year in business and wanted a ‘proper’ logo that reflected their core values and appealed to their target market. The branding designer sat down with LC Education & Training’s managing director, Lyn Calver, and spent time finding out about the business. They used a questionnaire to help Lyn focus on what she wanted and was able to ascertain that Lyn wanted something that would appeal to corporate clients so wasn’t too quirky or cartoon based. 

LC Education & Training

2.Mood Board

Lyn says, “My designer, Sagonia, really took the time to understand the company and what I was looking for in a logo. The part I found most useful was when she showed me lots of different examples of styles found in other logos so I could explain what I liked and didn’t like and we were then able to narrow down the style. We then did the same for colours as we didn’t previously have a set company colour scheme.”

3.Sketching and Concepts

The challenge for VeroDesign was coming up with something that fit well with education and training without using any of the standard images such as books or owls and so it was decided to go with something more conceptual. 

4.Feedback and Final Touches

Once Sagonia had discussed shapes, images, styles and colours with Lyn she produced three different concepts based on the brief. Lyn was able to pick the one she felt best reflected the business and Sagonia then honed and tailored the concept whilst sitting with Lyn again so they could make minute changes together such as altering the spacing of the letters, which would be difficult to do remotely.

Reflects A Professional Image

We Rethought Everything

5.Branding Guidelines

Once all was completed, Sagonia supplied the image in various formats and also supplied branding guidelines for LC Education & Training Ltd to use for all their documentation and branding.

6.The Solution

Lyn says, “The part I found most useful was having the guidelines to follow afterwards. I have been able to match the colours and font on my website, brochures and other documents to my logo easily. I think the new logo really reflects the company vision. Working with Sagonia was really easy and she helped guide me to the right design through her use of questions and examples.”




Customer Happiness

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result


Sagonia designed a new logo for my business which I was extremely happy with and I would recommend Sagonia for your graphic design needs. What sets her apart from other designers is that she produces a guide for you to use for the rest of your branding outlining the details of the colours and fonts she has used, which is very useful. She has some different pricing structures to suit those with different budgets and takes the time to understand what it is you are looking for.
Lyn Calver – LC Education & Training Ltd