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This may sound silly but what actually is branding?

It’s not a silly question at all because so many people use the term every day in business without actually understanding what branding is. Branding is defining what makes your business unique and helps to make you memorable and therefore stand out. On the face of it a brand seems fairly straightforward – perhaps a name and a logo, but it is actually much more. It is your core identity and how you are known to the outside world. If you get your branding right, it can evoke an emotion or thought in your target market and can encourage brand loyalty.

A brand can be made up of many aspects such as a logo, a name or phrase, colours or an image/symbol. It goes even deeper when you consider the way your brand can affect the tone and content of your emails and even how you answer the phone. It connects with your core values and ethics and how your audience, employees and colleagues feel about your business. All the aspects need to work together to create a sustainable brand. 


How do you go about creating a brand?

Your designer will help you to focus on what values you want to portray with your business and how you want to be perceived by your audience. It’s okay if you don’t have any specific ideas at the start of the process as you can look at examples to guide you to what you need. However, it helps if you know who your target market is and what your business stands for. Your personal designer will use a mood board to develop the vision for your brand through one to one consultations and you can view examples to help you work out what you want. 

You may have some aspects of a brand already such as a mission statement, name and colour scheme and might just need a new logo that is more reflective of your current brand. However, you may want something completely fresh and new to appeal to your audience or attract a new audience. 

Once you have your final logo and designs, then it’s up to you to make the most of your new brand. You might have a countdown to a launch or hold a free event and invite existing customers. You will want to take time to make your branding clear across your social media and website. Building a brand that people know and trust takes time, but brings great return on investment when done correctly. At VeroDesign we can offer support with all of these steps through our trusted partners.

So, what might be included in a branding package?

Our typical package includes the concepts, guidelines, formats for all purposes, stationery, one to one consultation and follow up support. 

You will have access to the vectored files (a file type used by designers and printers to ensure the quality is maintained) as well as the branding guidelines containing the colour codes and fonts so you can make sure everything you produce is consistent and can order additional items in the future.

Enhance your package with some of the following extras such as email signature design, invoice templates and social media banners, which can be designed to fit your brand. 


What other services are available?

Marketing Materials
Marketing is such as important part of business and we can support you in this with our range of materials including brochures, roll-up banners, flyers and leaflets.

Intro Logos
Take your business to the next level with an innovative animated logo which you can use on your social media and website. 

 Photo Editing
If you want to really showcase your products, invest in some high quality photo editing to enhance the best aspects and entice your audience to buy. 

What is a concept?

A concept is an idea put into a visual format. It’s like a rough draft that can be enhanced and tailored through discussion until the final version is ready. We always provide you with at least three concepts, which can be quite different from each other so that you can choose the one you prefer.

How will I know if my brand is too similar to someone else’s?

At VeroDesign we have a process in place so you can be confident your brand is unique. All our designs are individually drawn and we never use pre-made templates or third-party images. Once the design is finished, you might want to trademark aspects of it to help protect your position in the marketplace.

What if I need help with everything?

Relax – you’re in the right place. At VeroDesign we don’t try to do everything ourselves: we focus on the branding to give you the best service and then our trusted partners help with the rest. So, if you need a full website service, printing or content writing, we can arrange all that allowing you to be confident that everything will be consistent, high quality and competitively priced.

What happens if I don’t like the concepts?

Design is not like going to the hairdressers and walking out with a haircut you hate! At the initial stages, you will be given three different concepts to choose from, but if none of them are right then that’s fine. Our designers never get upset or offended if a client doesn’t like something – we will revisit the concepts and discuss the elements you do and don’t like to produce something you are happy with. Having said that, we do have an uncanny knack of producing “Designs that are near perfect straight away.” according to our customers so we’re pretty confident you will end up with a finished product you love. 

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