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So many people use the term every day in business without actually understanding what branding is. Branding is defining what makes your business unique and helps to make you memorable and therefore stand out. On the face of it a brand seems fairly straightforward – perhaps a name and a logo, but it is actually much more. It is your core identity and how you are known to the outside world. If you get your branding right, it can evoke an emotion or thought in your target market and can encourage brand loyalty.

A brand can be made up of many aspects such as a logo, a name or phrase, colours or an image/symbol. It goes even deeper when you consider the way your brand can affect the tone and content of your emails and even how you answer the phone. It connects with your core values and ethics and how your audience, employees and colleagues feel about your business. All the aspects need to work together to create a sustainable brand.

One example of a company I feel has an excellent brand is Virgin. What I like about it is that they have a range of completely different products/services yet the brand remains clear across all of them. I believe the reason for this is that their message, providing unique and exceptional customer experience, is extremely clear and simple and doesn’t just revolve around a logo, although the iconic yet simplistic handwritten Virgin logo and use of the colour red is memorable and consistent. Their dedication to customer service and delivering excellent service, whether it is during a flight or when watching TV, is achieved through their staff training programme, which focuses on ensuring every employee knows, and cares, what the Virgin brand represents.

Remember: the key to good branding is being clear, consistent and engaging. Good luck!

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Sagonia Pannu

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