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Dreams Come True


At VeroDesign we believe in innovative designs creating the brands of tomorrow.
We don’t just design a logo for you – we create a brand that helps you position your business at the forefront of your industry giving you something you can be proud to put on your website, stationery and social media.

We like to think we’re different from other companies because you are at the heart of everything we do.

Creative Designs

Making brands beautiful and effective.

Forward Thinking

Constantly learning and developing.

Brand Solutions

Piecing together your values, mission and vision.

Building Trust

Providing individual support during and after design.

The Story So Far…

I’m Sagonia Pannu the director of VeroDesign, which was set up to provide an individual branding service for businesses. I’ve been a graphic designer for over seven years and hold a diploma in graphic design. I always knew that being self-employed was the right career for me as I wanted the freedom to use my creativity and focus on developing the perfect designs and work with a variety of industries. To achieve this, I first studied for my technical qualifications and then learnt about print and web design. This background helps me ensure I give you the best and most up to date advice. I have worked in the public sector for an educational provider and in the private sector for a medium sized business giving me an appreciation for how both sectors work.


Once I set up VeroDesign, I was keen to keep learning and developing so I set aside time to study new technology and techniques. I am currently working with Affinity, which is likely to replace Adobe, to ensure I am proficient with the latest packages giving you the best client experience. I’m proud that I have become the ‘go to’ person for printing companies and for businesses working with large third-party clients. As your company liaison, I will make sure your design doesn’t just look nice but reflects the vision and values of your company.

Our Roots

VeroDesign is the result of my desire to set up a company that supports other business owners in creating their brand. The name ‘VeroDesign’ has Italian roots, because we all know the Italians have an eye for the aesthetically pleasing, and means ‘True Design’. The word true resonated with me after I saw the dictionary definition: “Fully realized or fulfilled. Dreams come true.” as I really do want to take your visions and dreams and make them into reality.

Work Flow

See in real time what we are currently working on.


Logo Design


Branding Projects


Photo Editing


Brochure Design

Do you want to book a one to one with a branding designer?

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